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Your starting point and resource for technical publications for Operations Manuals, Parts Manuals, Electronic Service Manuals and Engine Manuals.  Some older models may have a combination manual with the Operations, Parts and Electronic all in one.

FIND CORRECT MANUAL: Use the category tree on the left to find your machine or use the search in top right using serial code or model number.

SERIAL CODE: Best way to get the correct manual is by serial code which are the last 3 digits of the serial number such as F63 or older models will be something like 327.


  The serial number is the complete reference to machine, year and where made.  The Serial Code is the last 3 digits at the end.   The serial number can be found

 on different locations on COMPRESSORSGENERATORS, and LIGHT TOWERS.

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Doosan purchased the Utility Equipment business from Ingersoll-Rand Company in 2007. Any reference to Ingersoll-Rand Company or use of trademarks, service marks, logos, or other proprietary identifying marks belonging to Ingersoll-Rand Company in this manual is historical or nominative in nature, and is not meant to suggest a current affiliation between Ingersoll-Rand Company and Doosan Infracore Portable Power or the products of either.

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